Breathtaking Ocean View Lots


Camaronal Beach, North Pacific


Starting at $160,000

Imagine, if you will, that you somehow accidentally stumbled into Waikiki, in the 1930s.   Not a hotel, parking lot or beach boy in sight.   Just the most extraordinarily beautiful place ... beyond all of your dreams.   Balmy ocean breezes, water temperature at 82 degrees, a few lazy coconut palms shimmering in the soft tropical air, virtually endless beaches stretching into the distance...   "Phewww," you are thinking.   "...If I only had the money.... I would leave all the madness behind and come here and buy a piece of this, and have a life..."

Remarkably, there are still a few such places for sale in the world.   Yet, small parcels of these beach dreams usually run in the millions of dollars.

In Costa Rica, on the Pacific coast, we stumbled, yes, stumbled, across a place that is destined to fulfill all of those tropical dreams.   Perhaps the only large tract of (dare I use the word...) virgin beaches left on the North Pacific coast.   And, at virtually 1930s prices.

Located only 20 minutes from two different airstrips that receive regular scheduled daily flights out of San Jose.    And two hours from the international airport at Liberia, Guanacaste.   Or a 4 and a half hour drive from the city.   Year around access.   Year around joy.

Just this week, electricity and phone lines are being brought into this property and will be available on all of these lots for sale.    Sweet water is also available, as are interior access roads.

These view properties vary in size from 2.62 Acres to 14.27 acres. Prices start at approximately $160,000 for a 2.62 acre lot...

Many of the properties are being sold at $15 a square meter (7 lots), but a few very special pieces will be sold for $25 a sq meter (3 lots) and $32.50   per sq meter (2 lots)... Although there is nothing really comparable along the Pacific, beach area lots, with views and uninterrupted beach access, are elsewhere in Costa Rica being sold for between $75 and $250 a sq meter.

The person who is developing this land is doing road work throughout the area for easy access to any of the lots and from any lot to the beach...

All of these properties...yes, all of them... have ocean views and some of them have 360 degree views which look to the sea and the mountains behind...   And there is fantastic, consistent, year around surf, right there at the edge of the property.

As well, there are beach front lots available.   These will not be sold to developers, and speculators, but only to those who will be building their own homes, so as to guarantee uninterrupted ocean views throughout the entire property.   These beachfront lots, which are on the front line of the maritime zone, will be sold for approximately $20 a sq meter (!!)

The 200 meter maritime zone here is owned by the a government environmental protection agency, and, as such, it is considered a protected area,.   There will be no possibility of future leases   (concessions) given out to anyone, in this beachfront zone.

The above words hardly describe the beauty and special quality of this place.   Maybe these photos give a hint of it,   And at the price it is being sold for... well....    Now is the time for all ....

Approximately 65% of our enormous volume of email comes from people who are requesting just this kind of property.   In the past we have always had to say to them, over and over, that it just does not exist .   Sorry.   Very sorry.

But, for the first time ever, we don't have to apologize... this is it.   This is really, really it.

Do it now.   Seriously.

Between $15 and $32,50 a sq meter. Large ocean view estate properties, starting at:


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