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From: $716,000

The object of our desire and admiration this month is the Pacific beach town of Dominical, on the southern peninsula.

Let us just say that Dominical is everything one daydreams about while sitting in that office, or in heavy traffic, or heavy snow… And there already have been far too many travel brochures written about dreamy, tropical beach places. Dominical is certainly all of those dreams and more: a small, sand and palm tree-lined beach village, just dripping with everything tropical. Very yummy. But the truth is, it’s not for everyone; and it may not be for you. Still very early in its development, with few amenities other than its natural beauty and a few small, sweet businesses and hotels.

But we are compelled to tell you about some remarkable discoveries of beach land, just now available at Dominical. So, please, at least listen. Just in case you might want to consider the most beautiful beachfront land at prices that do not exist elsewhere for such beach property…

These properties combine for a total of 615 meters of beachfront.


These Beachfront & Titled Properties are comprised of 26 acres of contiguous Beachfront & Coastal Highway property with zoning in place for Hotel, Casino, Condominiums & Residential Housing development.


With 485 feet (148 meters) of beachfront. This site is palm lined at the ocean, with some beautiful old trees. Access to the property is just 100 meters from the new Coastal highway, With fully registered concession rights under the Costa Rican Tourists Board (ICT) and the Housing Urbanization Board,

This property is zoned for low impact tourist development. The East border is a proposed public street and Site F. The West border is the Pacific Ocean. The Southern boundary is the beachfront development parcel of Hotelera Playa dominical site (B). To the North is private property.

Cabin Lodging Zone - for low density housing "cabina
style" for national and international tourists.

Permitted uses - cabins cafeterias, restaurants, bars,
sports, ,small-scale businesses, auto rentals.

Conditional Uses - dance halls, discotheques, hotels,
condominiums, residences, employee housing, for those
related to the project.

Beach Frontage: 148 meters or 485.44 feet
Total Square Meters: 17,896.58



The National Board of Tourism has deemed that a casino
license can be obtained for this hotel project. This
license adds considerably to the revenue value of the package.

It has (181 meters) 593.68 feet of beach frontage.
This site has fully registered concession rights under
the Costa Rican Tourist Board (ICT) and the Housing
Urbanization Board (INVU).

Palm and cashew trees grace the oceanfront of this
parcel which has 181 meters (593.68 ft) of beachfront.

The property measures 2.10 hectares, or 5.2 acres and
is the center of the Playa Dominical Development

The zoning plan for the Hotelera Playa Dominical permits the highest level of development possibilities.

Permitted uses - hotels, cabins, motels, condominiums,
apartments to rent, restaurants, cafeterias, bar, open-
air sports and Casino.

Conditional uses - dance halls, discotheques, store for
sporting goods, housing for employees of the project.

Proposed Development Plan - The hotel site has two types of accommodations on the proposed plan: 82 suites with
private terraces in three separate structures, plus five
villas or residences with three suites and terraces.

Total Square Meters: 21,055



5.97 Acres. It has (38 meters) 124 feet of beach frontage and (248 meters) 813 feet of road frontage.

This site has fully registered concession rights under the Costa Rica
Tourists Board (ICT) and the Housing Urbanization Board (INVU).

A year round stream runs through the protected green zone in the proposed plan, with bridges connecting the recreational facilities to the housing facilities.

Permitted uses - Single family homes, pools, sports, hotels, apartments, condominiums, and other tourists services.

Conditional uses - Multifamily houses, condominiums, cabins or rooms to rent, commerce relating to fruits and vegetables.

Prohibited uses - Industry, dance hall, business, discotheque, workshops, lumberyards, and hardware stores.

Proposed Development Plan - This is zoned for tourists / residential
projects. the plan allows for family units, swimming pools, sports areas, ranchos, hotel condominiums and souvenir shops.

Titled Square Meters: 5,466


15.59 Acres
62,123.91 square meters

Beach Frontage: 367 mtrs, or 1,203.76 ft.
Road Frontage: 248 mtrs, or 813.44 ft.
PRICE for all three parcels: $2,400,166



Nuevo Dominical (New Dominical) is the premier Residential Beachfront property.

Zoned for tourist residences, the permitted uses for these profitable
parcels could be: family houses, pools, apartments, or condominiums. Commerce or tourist related services are also permitted on these parcels that have a total of 853 feet (260 mts.) of coastal highway frontage.

SITE E: $340,000
2.76 Acres
11,261.13 Square meters
Road Frontage 130 Meters or 426.40 Feet

SITE F: $585,000
4.9 Acres
19,552.64 Square meters
Road Frontage 60 Meters or 196.8 Feet

SITE G: $410,000
3.35 Acres
13,598.08 Square meters
Road Frontage 105 Meters or 344.40 Feet

COMBINED SITES E, F and G: $1,335,000
Total Acres: 11.1
Total Square Meters: 44,411.85
Road Frontage: 295 Meters or 967.6 Feet


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