Ocean View Lots


Carrillo Bay , North Pacific

$250,000 to $325,000




These are certainly some of the most extraordinary view properties anywhere along the Pacific, and they overlook the most beautiful bay in the country, with the most glorious sunsets. They measure between two to three acres, and there is more than enough room for two homes on each site.   There are several very luxurious, high-end homes going in already on these properties, and the developer has been maintaining the highest of standards.   All properties have electrical power, water, etc.

Overlooking magnificent Carrillo Bay, which is certainly the crown jewel of the entire Pacific coast of Costa Rica.   Carrillo Bay is in the process of being sold to the Ritz-Carlton Hotel corporation, who will be developing the area at a very high international standard, and land prices in the area will certainly accelerate greatly in the next two years.   Now is the time.

Very well priced, at between

$250,000 and $325,000.


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