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Starting at: $38,000

Costa Rica Mal Pais Beach home

Costa Rica Mal Pais Beach home

Costa Rica Mal Pais Beach home

Costa Rica Mal Pais Beach home


Investors in 2004, during the first phase of the Costa del Sol project, invested $22,500 for 5000 square foot lots. This required a bit of faith and enormous foresight.

That faith and foresight has paid off handsomely. These early buyers have already seen their property double in value with a rate of appreciation that will surely continue as sales of Phase 2 proceeds. Lots in Phase 2 start at $45,000 and we predict that by late 2006 they will be selling for twice that.

Hot Tropics Real Estate has been given an exclusive opportunity to pre-sell Phase 2 lots in Costa del Sol at the special cash price of $38,000.

Although that is more than people paid in 2004, it is a lot less than what they will be paying in 2006, assuming that there are any lots left at that time. All 56 lots in Phase 1 sold out in less than a year.

We highly recommend this project not only for the proven investment potential, but also because it is a beautiful, very well conceived development in an ideal location with excellent access. The constantly improving infrastructure in this part of the country also bodes well for long-term appreciation.

This is a gated condominium project of only 130 lots that was begun in February of 2004. Located almost exactly half way between Jaco beach and Manuel Antonio National Park, two of the most popular destinations in Costa Rica. Each of these lots measures 502m2 or roughly 5000 square feet. Every one of these lots is in a privileged position to enjoy the magnificent pacific sunsets this area is famous for.

The project is fully enclosed and includes a gated entrance with fountain and guard house, a club house and barbeque area for residents, a swimming pool for adults and another for children, multiple lakes and water features, a tennis court, a basketball court and a playground. It is a beautiful
development, by any standards.

For a very reasonable price, the developers will offer construction of two and three bedroom villas or the owner can choose their own contractor. Construction is limited to only 50% of lot size, which will allow abundant green areas and privacy.

With the active resort town of Jaco only 20 minutes to the north and the exuberant tropical foliage and white sand beaches of Manuel Antonio only 40 minutes south, this area is poised to become one of the best investment possibilities we’ve ever seen. When the new highway is finished from San Jose to Orotina within the next couple of years, this project will only be an hour from San Jose.

The developers are well established local entrepreneurs who have built multiple condominium projects in San Jose and have the experience, expertise and financial ability to follow through on their plans.

Each lot in this condominium is only $45,000, with full title and all services, ready to build. That comes to only $90 per meter in an area where you’d be lucky to find anything near the beach for less than $140 per meter, and without the infrastructure. Additionally, to inaugurate the start of sales in Phase 2, the developers are offering Hot Tropics the exclusive right to offer lots at the astonishing price of only $38,000 for a cash purchase. This is an excellent investment opportunity.

In phase two, the developers will be building an 870 square foot house with two bedrooms and one bath, cement construction with a tile roof for $60,000. Larger homes up to a 2300 square feet will also be available, which means that for less than $120,000, you can own a lot and a house on the beach in Costa Rica in a gated community which can be left alone or rented when you’re not here. This is, in so many ways, the best deal we’ve seen in years.

If you’re thinking of getting your feet wet in Costa Rican real estate, then right now, today, is the time to do it. Certainly, this project will be completely sold out within a year.

If the notion of having a beach condo in Costa Rica is inviting to you, then do it. It will not get better than this.

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