2 Bedroom home


Cartago, Central Valley


This very nice two-bedroom home is a wonderful place in which to get started
in Costa Rica.

Located just outside of Cartago, the former capital city of Costa Rica, it’s
under a half hour from the heart of San Jose, some 10 minutes from the Terra
mall, and provides great access to everything on the east side of the city,
and the road to the Caribbean coast.

There are gardens all around the very nicely done 1,500 sq foot home and the
price certainly couldn’t be better.

In all our years of doing this, we have never had such a pleasant house at
such at such a super price. If you have been considering Costa Rica, but
felt that the soaring prices of such places as Escazu inhibited your coming
here, then go for this one. The photos say it all.

Sacrifice, by a highly motivated seller, at: $67.500

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