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Real Estate Newsletter #3

Musings on Visitors

People who come and visit us at Hot Tropics Real Estate, those who are considering purchasing property here, usually consider themselves adventurers. And perhaps rightly so. Many of them feel that they are inquiring into a great pool of the unfamiliar, dipping into the unknown, venturing into the Third World, to the steamy sensual tropics, the primal jungles. And some who arrive here in Costa Rica, intending to go boldly forth, are compelled to timidly retreat. They retreat from the ridiculous potholes in the roads, the madness of San Jose, the insects that dare to share their spaces; and they retreat once they discover that a rain forest is really not at all like Universal studios and is, of all things, muddy.

In fact, most of us are, at heart, a stay-at-home species. Home is supposed to be where the heart is. A warm, cozy, nurturing familial place. And those who venture out and away from home are punished as often as they are celebrated as heroes. We are reminded that Columbus and Marco Polo both ended up in prison and their lives were culminated in disgrace. They should have stayed at home.

For those of us who live and work here full-time, venturing forth often just means a trip to the beach, a sojourn to check out a new project under construction, a journey of a few hours to a not-so-distant peninsula. It means leaving home, but not really.

The real secret is that many of us who are involved in real estate in Costa Rica are doing what we do, at least in part, for the same reasons that middle-aged people have children: to share a view of the world of the newly arrived. Some of us do it to participate in that unspoiled, naturally ecstatic condition of the newborn; we are vitalized by their Beginner’s Mind. That is, we know that being around some of the new visitors here is to bask in a condition of grace: to experience Costa Rica through the wide and uncynical eyes of children, and to share their newcomer's heart.

The seasonal rains had just come to an end this last week, and the shockingly brilliant tropical sun was out in full force, heating the mountains surrounding Escazu until by noon they were exhaling mist, promising an abundance of things, promising explosive growth. Standing there, watching it steam, and marveling at the way it happens every year; the roar of the sunshine and the way it brings everyone out, into the hot, washed air, so full of hope.

The buzzer at the front door sounded, jarring me from this reverie, and in walked a taxi-load of New Yorkers, newly arrived here, fresh from the airport, invigorated by the newness of it all, giddy, alive; absolutely alive. An older, white-haired woman fairly jumped out of the taxi and bubbled, “A coffee farm! On the way from the airport, we drove through a coffee farm. I just saw it. Can you believe it? I am 72-years old and that was the first coffee I have ever seen growing, actually growing! Can you believe it! Can we buy one? Can we buy a coffee farm? Mel, tell him, tell him about the coffee we saw! You should have seen it.”

Hot Tropics Real Estate


The two listings of properties that we offer in this issue of the Newsletter rise up from the dreams of so many. Beach properties. Ocean views. Islands. Makes you sight just to imagine it.

Maybe it’s time to do something about it.

Here are a group of absolutely extraordinary beach options, from $75,000 to $2.9 million. Something for everyone. Everyone who has ever dreamed of such places.

Ocean View Parcels
San Juanillo, Guanacaste
North Pacific

This is a 600-acre ecologically friendly project, with magnificent primary and secondary rainforest and spectacular views of the Pacific ocean.

The community is located overlooking the Pacific, an hour drive south from Tamarindo, Guanacaste, or a short drive north from Nosara, and is situated under a mile away from the village of San Juanillo and what is certainly one of the most beautiful, tranquil beach in all of Costa Rica.

This impressive property is lush with tropical vegetation, and abundant bird and animal life. Spectacular views and privacy make this the most desirable of all the developments along the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica.

With options of great ocean views, mountain views or rainforest parcels. Properties of a minimum of one-and-a-quarter acres and more, with a maximum construction build-out of 15% of the parcel, ensures low environmental impact. Thirty percent of this community will remain untouched and forever in its natural state.

Although the project is extraordinarily pristine, it is located in a coastal belt of unprecedented real estate activity. Ground level, first-in -line pricing at this time makes purchasing land within this development very attractive.

This is probably the best offer available today, for Guanacaste (north Pacific zone) building parcels, and prices will go up during later phases of development of this land.


Ocean View Parcels From $25 to $100 per square meter
Mountain View Parcels From $15 to $35 per square meter
Rainforest Land Parcels From $10 to $15 per square meter

Fantastic Ocean View Parcels available that are over an acre-and-a-quarter, for between $130,000 to $195,000 !

Brilliant Mountain View Parcels available that are over an
acre-and-a-quarter, for between $75,000 and $175,000 !

Tranquil Rainforest Land Parcels available that are over an
acre-and-a-quarter, for between $50,000 and $85,000 !

And remember that these properties are all under a mile to the best beach in Costa Rica, and are being offered with great financing !

Financing Structure:

Financing is available under the following terms and conditions. 30% down payment and financing at 9% interest with a 15-year amortization schedule and a 3-year balloon payment.

Remember that you can build high-end homes in Costa Rica, with the best finishes, etc, for between $55 and $75 a sq ft.

Now, all you have to do is get here soon, see these properties…. And do it. It really, really, won’t get better than this.


Western Caribbean

Imagine the island of your dreams. Good. Now imagine that you can get there after a two-hour flight from Miami, Dallas or Houston, then a 30-minute commuter flight to a small fishing village, then a one minute walk to where the Caribbean sea meets the end of the airport runway, and then a half-hour boat ride. You have left the U.S. in the morning and are on the island that same day.

A lush jungle island some 12 miles off of the mainland and 9 miles east of the Belize Barrier reef. The Belize barrier reef is the largest in this hemisphere and second only to the Great Australian Barrier reef.

Most of the shoreline has sandy beaches. (These beaches can be easily expanded by clearing grass and other vegetation.) There are a few small areas of mangroves on the shore. They are no more than 50 feet each and the water in front of them is sand and coral. There is no mud in the sea around this island. Except for the mangroves, the entire shoreline is lined with coconut trees – thousands of them.

There are no briar grasses, wild animals, snakes, or poisonous vegetation. And no mosquitoes were encountered by the people who wrote the notes for this report.

“Snorkeling all around the island a few hundred feet out, we found coral fish, snapper, jack, parrot fish, angel fish, blue tang, sea fans, sea cucumbers, brain coral, barracuda, tuna, etc. The water gradually gets deeper as you swim out from the island and about 300 to 500 feet from the shore it drops off sharply to around 100 feet and then levels off. Incredible snorkeling and diving and fishing. “

This is a fully titled, fee simple property. Free of all encumbrances. Clear title is assured. Title insurance can be obtained through Stewart Title Company.

It is being sold for: $2,900,000 USD

There are two options to purchase this island.

Option 1 Cash

(1) Purchase price of the island
(2) Government tax - (5% of purchase price)
(3) Attorneys fees for closing costs and title opinion (1% of
purchase price plus recording & misc. fees)

Option 2 Down payment and assume the existing note

Monthly payments are US$ 17, 797.95 (includes 9% Interest.) 105 payments remaining. Proceeds will be calculated according to the closing date and adjustments made at closing. The balance owing as of July 1, 2005 was $1,329,895

(1) The down payment will be the purchase price less the balance of the note.
(2) Government tax - (5% of purchase price)
(3) Attorneys fees for closing costs and title opinion (1% of
purchase price plus recording & misc. fees)

$2,900,000 USD Purchase price


Hot Tropics Real Estate

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