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Real Estate Newsletter #17

July 7th, 2006

At Hot Tropics Real Estate, we get a disproportionate amount of email from people whose dream it is to come to Costa Rica and open up a B and B, a small hotel in the tropics, and thus have a life full of interesting people paying high rates for small, charming rooms.  I was thinking about the nature of that dream, and of that phenomenon of escape to paradise, and I recalled a few extraordinary nights when I had a B and B, in Escazu, in the central valley of Costa Rica.  One all too easily forgets the hummdrummery and occasional boredom of being an innkeeper, and remembers such nights...

When our annual Open House finally came to an end, six days of rain and drizzle were also coming to an end.  Feeling elated that both the party and the interminable rainy season were over, Xiomara, the General Manager, immediately put on a Salsa tape, yelled “Hoooray!”  and she and Alberto, the hotel’s Cuban accountant, danced; they danced at full volume, and then Alberto changed partners and danced with Rosa, one of the maids, leaping about, just happy to be. Happy that Open House was over and the place was theirs again.

They became alive, animated, their blood pumping rose colors into their cheeks, their bodies mumping and hopping. Alberto told a story over the music, grinning, his eyes closed as he danced with Rosa, about when he was in High School in Cuba and music was not allowed anywhere because it was a time of rigid discipline and so they would get together at late hours, the boys and girls just making rhythmic popping sounds with their teeth and cheeks and cha-cha-cha’ing by clicking their throats and they could do an entire club orchestra of pulsating booming music.

Alberto just danced; his eyes closed his face an enormous grin remembering 1970, and he clicked his throat with cha-cha sounds and Rosa laughed her girlish laugh in delight and swung her hips and remembered, too, the things that she did when she was a young girl. And Pierre, the French cook, continued to seduce everyone in the kitchen with gado-gado brochettes and brilliant puff pastries and liquor-based quiche and soft cheeses marinated in olive oil and fresh rosemary and garlic.  Josh, a salesman from Cafe Britt, who just happened to wander in, sang along and served up cream and expresso coffee and coffee liquor and ice. Maricella, the housekeeping-in-charge, dancing by herself, ravished them and just stunned them all laughing, dancing in a black velvet long dress with an elegant flounce and a white satiny formal top and so outdressed Xiomara, who was wearing a larky bolero vest with fringes and one of the drunk Costa Rican guys there made the serious mistake of thinking Maricella was the General Manager, and that Xiomara was a waitress and called to Xiomara, “Hey, muchacha... cerveza!”   …and of course Xiomara told him off, just ripped his head off, and let him know that she is not a “muchacha..”... Yamilet, the cook’s assistant just smiled, bemused, nodding her head at Xiomara’s feminist insistence.

A couple of gay travel agents who were guests made a pass at Alberto as he was dancing, and then asked him if he came over on one of the boats and Alberto just handled it perfectly…No offence meant.  And then someone assembled an amazing potpourri of Pierre’s best cooking creations which had been prepared for “very special guests” and ushered it to Victor the Nicaraguan guard, who had been standing aside, and who could not absolutely believe it and he just looked at those French creations on that tray and no doubt recalled some very hard times sleeping in the hills in Nicaragua during the Contra wars and wondered, surely, about the nature of all things.  And then he just engulfed all that food, no preliminaries, just inhaled the food with absolute delight.

And more guests, some of the most extraordinary people came and visited and went in and out of the Inn’s rooms as the dancers danced on and the day settled down, finally coming to an end and it became quieter and the rains diminished and it became powerfully, powerfully beautiful, the light magical.  And then someone sat at the old upright piano, playing, singing “...searching for someone...” and I thought, “Surely, surely, being an Innkeeper is the stuff of dreams...”



Let it be said that Hot Tropics Real Estate has the widest inventory of listings in real estate in Costa Rica.  From humble country houses to multi-million dollar development spreads. Here, following, are some extraordinary new listings that cover the spectrum.

Escazu Estate Home with Guest House, Pool and Views $695,000

Camaronal Beach Development Land 8.1 Acres for $1,650,000

Huge Ocean View Lots in Guanacaste, North Pacific Between  $160,000 and $255,000

Nosara Beach House with Additional Lot $395,000

New Three-Bedroom House-in-Condo, Santa Ana, Central Valley $190,000

450 Acres Development land with Views, Playa Carrillo $2,250,000

438 Acres Prime Coastal Development Land, North Pacific $9,000,000

270 Hidden Acres Ocean Frontage, Guanacaste $21,000,000

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