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Real Estate Newsletter #19

August 16th, 2006

On a cloudless, warm and breezy Santa Ana morning, they came through the doors of Hot Tropics Real Estate, breathless with exhilaration, eyes flashing wild, mouths beaming with unkillable grins, skin radiating the colors of roses, noses sunburnt and their hair unwashed, salty and gloriously wild. Freshly returned from the beaches of Guanacaste, they looked and glowed like stoned kids from some land-that-time-forgot. “This place is it. Everything we knew it would be! Man! We are ready. But, big time ready. We’ve got $50,000 all cash for a beach front piece of land…. And…”

Ah, here it comes, I am thinking. Reality adjustment time. Now I have to let them know the bad news. Why is it my responsibility to have to tell them that the days of $50,000 ocean front, or even ocean view parcels in Costa Rica, is long, long gone? How am I going to tell them that it will now cost so much more than they have? I am cast in the role of dream-killer; the evil real estate guy whose job it is to grimace, look at the floor, and then say, “Sorry guys, but its gonna cost you five or ten times that….!”

I can barely stand it. But it is what is happening. There is such profound dissatisfaction with things in other parts of the world, that more and more are arriving here, looking for alternatives, and prepared to pay for it. And they do drive the prices ever upward.

We are constantly looking for “steals”; for properties that are wonderful, yet have some small problem, and thus are under-priced. Inadequate water, lousy access road, views blocked, questionable signatures on the title, etc. And then we solve the problems, and put them on the market. Put in a water well, improve the road, locate the seller in some part of Honduras so he can sign a document, get permission to trim some trees…. and get these once problematic properties into the marketplace. But still, there will be those buyers that are left out of their own dreams.


Following is a very motley list of various kinds of Costa Rica properties. All are exceptional in one way or another. Most are not cheap. We hope that one of them might align with your private dreams.


25 Acres of amazing Beachfrontage

Beach Estate View Home in Faro Escondido

Nosara Beach Area Building Parcels

Beach Hotel with Restaurant and Bar in Manuel Antonio

Los Laureles Home, Escazu

Subdividable land with Ocean View

Newly Remodeled B&B at Samara Beach

Popular Beach Hotel in Samara

New B and B, Santa Ana, Central Valley

South Pacific Beach and River Frontage


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