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Real Estate Newsletter #21

September 19th, 2006


“Why, of all the places in this world, did you end up in Costa Rica?”    

Well,  “ending up” is bit much.  But I have lived here now for a long time.  Still, the question persists and persists, more than any other.
There is serious disaffection in the private lives of so many people in the States…and really, all over the world, these days.   People do want to believe that such a place exists that is better than where they have presently made their lives, and to where they could move. They believe that maybe, just maybe, by simply moving to such a place as Costa Rica, everything could be perfect, just perfect.  Uh huh.
I tell them that Costa Rica is far from perfect, and that though there is great natural beauty here, and that the people are immensely decent, that the perfect place does not exist on planet earth.  Uh huh.  That paradise is visceral, a concept in flux, a condition of the mind. They nod in agreement; they know all that, of course.
Yet I am reminded of why I am here every time I read of the political and social conditions of the United States these days.  Every morning’s  New York Times does it to me.  There is also the occasional encounter with certain types of North Americans that does it.
I am originally from Santa Barbara, California, a place of enormous charm and refined aesthetics.  And now I live in this place called Costa Rica…  A place of bewildering chaos, and unruly madness.  And it is also a place, sometimes,  of totally unsuppressed radiance that grabs your heart.
There is nothing predictable about Costa Rica.  Travel writers never talk about this, but it is the random and volatile nature of this place that keeps one young.  It is in the nature of Costa Rica to always keep you in a condition of “beginner’s mind.”  It never grows old.  You never never know what is going to happen next.
And that definitely means that Costa Rica is not for everyone. It might not even be for you. Uh huh



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